This is a project I started in 2016, in memory and celebration
of several young people we loved and lost.
It's been anonymous until recently, when some local interest inspired me to "go public"
and tell the story in honor of all struggling teenagers (and human beings).

I recycle scrap clay from my pottery studio into small, colorful tiles,
which I hang on street corners and other random places. 
From my neighborhood in Denver to other cities where I--and a few friends--travel,
hundreds of these tiles hang in public spots, bearing relentlessly positive messages.

Life is tricky. The journey toward adulthood is challenging for teenagers and their families.
In a world of so much negative messaging, we can all use reminders to look on the bright side,
choose joy, and find beauty in our daily lives.

I hope they inspire smiles, delight, and joy.
For all of us, and especially our vulnerable, valuable adolescents.
We all shine on!
(Coming soon to a street corner near you... keep your eyes peeled!)