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Tips and tools to use immediately: hope for frazzled families! Parents of teenagers need new role models. When our cubs are young, Mama Bear is a fine example: strong, smart, sassy, sure of herself. But she is a dangerous role model when our kids turn into adolescents. When puberty hits and life turns into a three-ring circus, Mama Bear hibernates. Goes to sleep on the job. Parents do the same: we tend to check out (because teenagers are awful and we're exhausted), leaving our kids vulnerable on their rocky journey toward adulthood. From a high school teacher (and parent) who has seen it all, here is some frank, funny, practical advice for staying vigilant during these topsy-turvy years. Parents who know, protect and honor their teenagers can find balance for the whole family. New role models--the peregrine falcon (watch them), the ninja (disarm them), the personal trainer (work them), the mentor (guide them) and many more--can help!

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